AGV Developments are able to provide you with a full turn-key service, tailored specifically to your exact requirements and dreams.Fully designed and constructed by our experienced team of in-house architects, engineers and all our trusted employees, we guarantee the successful completion of your vision, built to the very highest of standards, combing functionality, modernity and impeccable finishes throughout.
It is within our Philosophy that every property should always reflect its owner’s personality and lifestyle, thus we are here to ensure that not only your dream is a functional one, but, just as importantly, to make certain that even the appealing ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’ quality and style are also integrated seamlessly throughout every one of our construction projects and luxurious properties.


Perception of the concept

At the initiation of every construction project, there are two aspects that should be taken into consideration. The first proceeds directly from the definition of all parameters, defined by the budget, the construction schedule, timescales and the selection of a suitable plot: made possible due to our privileged & exclusive portfolio of land only available via our partner company Vinieris Real Estate. The second important factor is the understanding and then scrutiny of all necessary information and data that will be integrated into the final designs.

The information is collated following extensive discussions with our clientele and will ultimately reflect their unique personal requirements. Each and every piece of data and information is important, thus enabling the finished composition to be the very best example of the initial dream concept.


Designing the architectural vision

Once the basic requirements/parameters are fully analysed, the designing process begins with the call for integration between all of these aspects, leading to the initial design of the property. All of our property designs are created with passion and encompass the very highest of standards, aesthetics and functionality, all combined in perfect harmony to produce the most innovative solutions available. Using cutting-edge technology, we are able to provide the client with a complete digital overview of the proposed design combining the ultimate in 3D technology & simulation techniques currently available.


Processing the building authorization

Issuing of the Building Authorisation and liaising with the local authority offices/personnel is a crucial stage of the overall analytical process and it is seamlessly and exclusively undertaken by our in-house team of architects and engineers.

During the period between application and issuing of the necessary documentation, our goal is to clarify any decision-making issues, thus saving valuable time during the implementation/construction phase of the project.


Understanding the construction phase

The construction phase is the culmination of the many analytic stages previously undertaken and is and one of the most exciting aspects of a project. Continuous liaison between our team and yourselves throughout this construction phase ensures a clear & concise image of the overall project, allowing closer compliance with quality, budget & timescale parameters


The autograph of design

The final design blueprints represent the next stage, as the culmination of the process starts to become clearer. This is the moment when the magic begins to stir the emotions and desires, as the creation takes shape, personalising, adapting and reacting to your wishes. The concentration then focuses on the finishing touches and transforming the initial concept into your dream residence. Perfection is the only consideration that drives this final process.


Delivery of the project

Every journey must come to an end, when the diversity and intensity of thought, created at all the stages of this wonderful process, converge together in the moment the keys to your completed property are handed over and you take your first step inside your dream home. However, our professional cooperation does not end here. At this stage you will be presented with a full building file, which includes all the specific and relevant technical specification data, providing a full record of the quality and the workmanship that has been undertaken to design and construct your unique property. Ending this journey will ultimately lead you to the moment your life will change forever and your new home begins to take you on your next odyssey of enjoyment and satisfaction, having completed your dream creation.

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