Objective philosophical decision-making is one of the guiding principles by which we have always operated our business and as a result of this we have developed an ‘In House’ ethos, which allows AGV Developments to undertake all aspects & sequences required for the construction of any property under a single, all-encompassing, operative umbrella.

    • Our in-house architects’ department offers full design, consultancy & guidance expertise, ensuring each and every property is a unique blueprint, based upon our clientele’s requirements. The interpretation of a vision is a challenge and requires delicate skills to ensure continuity of that vision throughout the design: skills which our team possess in abundance, due to an unwavering commitment to always strive for perfection in every single aspect of their role.
    • Design is the initial stage and then our engineers begin their task of transforming these designs into reality, whilst constantly monitoring compliance within all planning and technical legislation. With decades of experience navigating the regulatory measures which determine how and what is allowed to be built here in Kefalonia, our engineering team then interprets these measures to not only ensure full compliance, but also to formulate a complete picture for you the client on how best to realise the vision of your dream.
Construction Development
    • Our talented construction team, with full professional supervision, undertake the privileged task of building your dream property, using only the finest materials available and to the most exacting and precise standards throughout. The epitome of quality and style which is the signature on all our luxurious properties, does not come by chance, as our strive for transcendence governs everything we construct, allowing you to be confident in the knowledge that each and every individual project is undertaken without compromise, with one single goal in mind: ‘absolute excellence’.
Design & Build
    • From initial concept to completion, undertaking your project with both functionality and aesthetic insight, our team will literally hold your hand throughout the whole process. Working closely and intensely with all our team from start to finish, we will help your vision grow step by step into a luxury residence which you will not only cherish, but one with which you have been involved in during every aspect of this wonderfully satisfying process.
Development Projects
    • Our extensive portfolio of off plan projects are aimed at taking the whole process one step further and using our experience and expertise to produce truly unique varying designs, which are all ‘ready to go’ on selected premium plots, located in the most stunning of locations. All our off-plan projects are finished to the very highest of standards throughout, uncompromisingly designed to encompass all of the latest design and construction techniques, offering you the opportunity to own the property of your dreams, all under one umbrella of protection throughout.
Interior Design
    • Sometimes a professional perspective is often the key which helps to unlock your dreams and our interior designers can guide you through a myriad of thoughts, expectations and ideas based around your personal requirements. Design purity is difficult to achieve and only with professional excellence will you truly realise the full potential of a personal vision. Our interior design team will not only help you fully embrace that vision, turning it into something absolutely unique, adding elements to the vision that you never thought would be possible and ultimately also adding value to the finished property.
    • Does the property you bought require renovation or extension? Would you like to construct a pool, garage or extra living space? We can undertake the full renovation process of your existing property, including any additional design and construction elements, offering a fully encompassing stress-free range of services, focusing on your requirements, ultimately adding value and upgrading the quality of your residence. We provide you with a stress-free range of services, from the demanding process of issuing the building permit, to the organisation and supervision of all works involved, including the premier choices of building materials available, which best suit and accent your property. We are truly focused on your requirements, aspirations and wishes, helping you to turn your initial renovation ideas into a completed creation.
Architectural Landscaping
    • The design of external space is a true Architectural skill often overlooked, yet paramount to the overall aesthetic integrity, which also increases the value of each and every property. We combine differing elements, thoughts and materials perfectly, seamlessly and harmoniously to achieve a complete outdoor creation. We endeavour to use a variety of composite materials all blended innovatively to accomplish interactive spaces which focus on unbounded design parameters in full co-ordination with seamless functionality.

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